Monday, July 16, 2012

Westside Warrior and White Cap - China Glaze

Good morning! I'm going to New York City on Saturday with one of my friends so while I was choosing a color for this manicure I was drawn to China Glaze's Metro collection. Westside Warrior is a favorite of mine so I thought what better occasion to wear a color inspired by the Statue of Liberty than this week! I love how the final effect turned out! Keep reading to see how I achieved it.

I began with China Glaze's Westside Warrior as a base color which you can see swatched here. I love this color and the formula is incredible. The polish simply glides on your nails and is very opaque without being too thick. Perfect application in my book.

I wanted to add something extra to this Statue of Liberty inspired manicure that would make it stand out. I decided to add China Glaze's White Cap not knowing exactly what it would turn out to look like. To my surprise the end effect was a wonderful golden goodness!! I love how it turned out and I can see the Statue of Liberty shining in the sun on my nails! I put in a close up of White Cap at the end to show you how truly magical this polish is. It is made up of micro flakies and completely transforms any color I apply it to the top of. I hope you like the pictures and have a good rest of the day! -Gina

China Glaze West Side Warrior

China Glaze West Side Warrior

China Glaze West Side Warrior

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