Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lion Around - Essie with Teenage Dream - OPI

For today's post I have a beautiful sparkly pink manicure. I started this look with Essie's Lion Around. Lion Around is a medium toned pink with the slightest pearl finish that is basically lost on your nails. This does not detract from the polish however, the formula is great and the color is such a unique pink even without the shimmer. Next I applied OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. This polish layers amazingly and I love how it looked on top of Lion Around. Teenage Dream is made up of hundreds of super fine pink glitters in a clear base as well as holographic hexagon glitter pieces scattered throughout. It is a dream to apply, so smooth and the glitters arrange themselves nicely with no extra effort from the brush.

I would however like to explain the reason and apologize for having only one picture of this manicure…
So I go outside to take pictures like I do for every swatch and at first everything is going great. But then, as soon as I find the perfect spot with perfect lighting, a bee comes and flies at my shirt. I swat it away and continue to aim the camera trying to get some more shots in this lighting. Right after though, the same bee flies at my face and I swat at it again and it doesn't go away. So I turn to run and while doing that somehow my feet got caught on themselves and I completely wipe out on the pavement. So basically I ended up with a gash on my right side and scraps all on my knees as well has my hands, all thanks to this picture. I'm fine now and at least on got one good picture before I ate it because my nails are all scraped up now thanks to the fall! I hope you enjoy and appreciate the picture more now that you know what went into it! -Gina

Has anything crazy ever happened to you while you were swatching your nails?

OPI Teenage Dream

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  1. That's a really pretty combo! I just LOVE Teenage Dream.