Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post - Nails and Threads

Today I am so excited to share a a guest post from Mandy at Nails and Threads! She is just starting up a new blog and I'm sure would be so happy if you went and checked it out. Read what she has to say below! 

Hello everyone! My name is Mandy and I am the author of Nails & Threads – a blog dedicated to fashion and nail polish. I am so honoured to guest post for Gina today and I cannot wait to show you what I came up with for this post! Before I get into the polish though, here is a little more about myself! 

I am a senior in high school living in Alberta, Canada and will be moving to Ontario for University starting this fall. Being a girly girl my whole life, I have always been exposed to fashion and beauty through my mother and it has stuck with me since. Nail polish was something that I really started to pick up around 7th grade, but now my collection has grown to over 300 bottles! Since creating a blog and joining the nail community, I have had so much fun sharing my passions with the world and wish that this could be my full-time job. I have found myself transitioning towards more nail art than straight swatching, so I hope you enjoy what I have for you today!  

OPI is releasing a mini summer collection this July featuring 4 intense neon shades. One of my favourites from this collection was Blue it Out of Proportion, a striking royal blue crème. The trick with neon polishes is to always apply a white base so that the colour shows up more vibrantly. I used three coats of Blue it Out of Proportion as the base colour of this design. I then mattified it with OPI’s Matte Topcoat, which instantly made the colour pop even more. What I like about this topcoat is that it dries insanely fast and to a completely chalkboard matte finish. Finally, I took some glitter (I love glitter!) and painted just the tips for a unique French manicure. The glitter polish is Urban Outfitters Dust. 

This is a super simple design that can be used with any polishes so have some fun with it! You can see swatches of the entire Neon Revolution Mini Collection on my blog at: 

Thank you to Gina and her lovely readers for having me today! 



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