Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shine of the Times - Essie

Welcome to my first nail post from college! While I was a Target this weekend I saw from across the isle the complete Essie Luxeffects collection. I darted over as fast as I could and picked up Shine of the Times. This is my very first flakie polish and I am definitely hooked! I layered a thick coat over OPI's Mermaids Tears (which you can view here) and immediately fell in love with the gold and orange flakes the polish creates. This is a pretty basic flakie so if you have one like this already you might try to restrict yourself from buying it but I did see a comparison swatch somewhere which showed Shine of the Times was a much denser flakie than other polishes like this one. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!


  1. Ohh my gosh! Super combo :) i liked ..
    i love your blog! i following you ;)
    www.nzlsyn.blogspot.com i wait you :) kisses from turkey ;)

  2. Wow,Gina,you sure know how to rock your nubs! I wish I felt that good about short nails! (covers nails in shame) :-)