Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lorelei's Tiara - China Glaze

Don't you just love Christmas polishes? I was so happy to receive this gem from my aunt for Christmas! Lorelei's Tiara is a jam packed glitter from China Glaze and is part of the Eye Candy collection. This looks to be a clear based glitter but there are so many silver micro glitters that the base may as well be silver. Along with the silver glitter there are round bright blue glitters that float around. It is definitely a beautiful glitter that applies nicely. In these pictures I have Lorelei's Tiara over Hard Candy's Sky polish. This is 2 coats and as you can see, its full coverage, you cannot see any of the blue underneath except maybe at the tips where my Seche Vite shrunk (oops). And sorry in advance for my dry hands.

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