Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lemon Fizz and Flyin' High Look Great Together!

Good morning! Today I have a fun nail design to share with you all, and guess what? More Up and Away!  While looking for a color to wear Lemon Fizz and Flyin' High caught my eyes and I thought they might look good together. So I did this manicure and I love it! I put a flower on my ring fingers and then dotted my thumbs all using a dotting tool. This was super easy to achieve and I will probably be doing it more with different colors.

As for the polishes, they are both China Glaze, of course and super unique and beautiful. The application of Flyin' High is perfect, just like High Hopes. It covers in one coat and goes on very smoothly. Lemon Fizz is a bit harder because it is a yellow. It is a bit runny on the first coat but that is to be expected from a light yellow polish. Over all they are both gorgeous and everyone should have at least two of each! haha

In these pictures it shows what I did to my thumb:

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